ultimate house designs

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ultimate house designs

ultimate house designs - The trendy internal configurations shown here represent what I describe as the penultimate and final passive solar and plumbing designs for a tiny house on wheels. If in the future i am capable of tweak things to reap additional upgrades, I reserve the right to describe later revisions as the "super closing model" or "superduper closing model" and so forth, and so forth, outrageous ironic hubris supposed.

In all variations i have always placed the LPG range and wooden range facet through facet (and the sink next to the LPG range) so that a unmarried rangehood can extract vapour from either stove, and to facilitate short transfer of warm pots and pans from both range to the close by sink.

As noted in preceding articles, passive sun heating requires broadside orientation of the dwelling to the solar, expansive double (or triple) glazed glass home windows/doors at the solar-dealing with thing, thick insulation of ground/walls/roof and a supply of thermal mass. For a tiny house on wheels, concrete is not appropriate thermal mass, it's far lifeless weight on the chassis. Water however has a excessive unique warmness capacity and, weight for weight, gives superior thermal mass to concrete. Water tanks may be emptied while the tiny residence is transported.

My initial reason was to find inner water tanks(s) below the living room seats to provide thermal mass, but sun warmth transfer would be inefficient in that configuration and it would represent a terrific deal of useless weight at the chassis. I finally decided, for reasons previously explained, that a header tank for the bloodless water device can be an essential factor, but combined with the new water cylinder and under-seat tank(s), the all up weight just for these water crammed components can be immoderate, around 700kg. it would constitute an damaging long term load at the chassis. consequently i have now decided to cast off the under-seat water tank(s) which by myself would contain 400 to 500 litres of water and consequently weigh extra than four hundred to 500kg.

The steel header tank, if uninsulated and painted matt black, despite its smaller length (one hundred fifty litres), could nevertheless confer properly thermal mass, similarly to its primary feature of providing the strain head. but, is there a manner to make this thermal mass even extra green? My advisers from the Tiny residence company (Lara Nobel, Andrew Carter and Greg Thornton) recommended that a mid factor stair configuration will be extra space efficient than my original design with stairs at the west give up. This new configuration in truth gives a number of enhancements. because the header tank can now be placed almost directly above the wood range, it makes sense to take advantage of this arrangement to layout a gravity/thermosiphoning circuit between the backboiler tank of the mini wood range and the header tank.

this could correctly harvest warmth from the timber stove, for later slow launch of heat from the header tank after the fire is out. One hazard of this arrangement can be overheating of the water in the header tank, but this may be avoided by always ensuring the tank is full of cold water before firing up the stove and with the aid of not jogging the stove for extended periods eg greater than two hours. The purpose here is to utilise the header tank water as thermal mass, and no longer to show the (uninsulated) header tank into a hot water cylinder (the header tank will no longer and can't update a proper, devoted warm water cylinder presenting the faucets).

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